Friday, May 3, 2013


After getting over a family cough/cold combo about two weeks ago we had LOTS of empty Kleenex and OJ boxes laying around. I like those upcycle kits they sell for OJ boxes but have never tried my hand at one. I dont particularly want to upcycle my trash for permanent use. Just want to squeeze one little activity out of it and then move on to actual recycling pretty soon after. :)

Zayd and I decided that Zahra's naptime would be the perfect opportunity to turn our OJ container into a long dark tunnel for our choo choos! 

We got out the paint.

Swirled it into one unrecognizable color.
Look at those lips

And those eyelashes!

After painting, we decided to try our hands at glitter! I have a multi-sample pack I picked up for Zayd's christmas Montessori box and it is wonderful. There are little packets that you add to these sample-size jars. Perfect hand-eye coordination practice!

Time to shake!

And then let Zayd have his little OCD way by lining everything up.

He just can't quit!

THEN we had to let the thing dry. So we had tunnel-less fun for a while.

Sadly this is the only shot I have of our first tunnel. It turns out the waxy walls of an OJ container don't hold all! So, we got flakes all over the floor. Oh wait, glitter flakes. Awesome. But just stay tuned...

How should we kill time while we wait for our tunnel to dry?

Rice play! With chopsticks, ninja stars, and black belt rubber duckies.

So, despite all of our efforts we had a week of tunnel-less play. Until this week's affliction kept us indoors with time to kill. Ta daa! If you cover the tissue box with paper first, the painting is a breeze. :)


This blog has ideas for next time! Do you ever makes trash into toys? I'd love more ideas!

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