Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter 2017!

We still managed to have a pretty spectacular Easter work no bunny in sight.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

"Georgetown is Amazing"

We've been having the best ladies and my babies weekend here in Georgetown, TX. My mom found a fantastic Sheraton hotel and we've been bumping around in a two mile radius around this amazing woodsy property.

I started my Friday with a run along the San Gabriel River where Ziyan tried every trick in the book to leap from the stroller including incessant screaming and somehow turning himself 180° around to yell directly at me. I kept him mostly entertained with leaves for ripping, sticks for throwing, and a one handed juggling show while Koching along.

After spending an awesome afternoon in Texas's most adorable town square, spending an hour in All Things Kids and another long stretch at the Galaxy Bakery, we were back on the property. Ziyan was so eager to chase after his big Zs and follow them through the tunnels, down the slides, and up the rope walls. I love seeing their dynamic change and grow as he matures from the cutest little "lump on a log" to a rough and tumble adventurer.

While walking between two of the four playgrounds on the property, Zahra exclaimed, "Georgetown is amazing!!!! It's just like Hawaii but there's no... what's that thing called?" (I helped, "the beach?".) "Yep, there's just no beach." She was wide-eyed with excitement and joy and I felt just the same way.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ziyan is ten months

Our little lamb is ten months old.

He sometimes stands but he'd rather be on the move. He can almost walk but he'd rather hold your fingers and chase after the big kids full speed ahead and leaning in like a charging bull.

He's got a tiny seventh tooth budding through. He tries desperately to grind it.

He's not gained much weight so he's thinning out a bit. Sad!

Ziyan loves talking up a storm but it mostly sounds like one long proclamation of vowel sounds. He can sign milk still but since he's learned to say "maaa" (milk) he's moved on to using his milk sign to mean "give me what I want!" He's trying to sign "all done", he's confident with a high five, and he blushes when I mention kissing.