Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mammen to Mickey...or bust

My mom says I should blog my trip.

Imagine: it's 12::33am and I'm rhythmically squeezing my eldest's big toes whilst they're wrapped in previously-cold motel washcloths to keep him from shrieking about how much they itch. He asks me if I've ever done this before. Um, not quite. Holding a previously warm washcloth (not a motels, or my own, but my mother's) to his infected ear canal THE NIGHT BEFORE didn't exactly prepare me for this adventure.

The itchy feet. Do ear infections cause itchy feet? Insanity? Did our attempts at entertaining ourselves in the ER waiting room this morning by slathering our ENTIRE bodies with hand sanitizer somehow go terribly awry? Should you not take a very ill child on a road trip across southern America AND do a Cajun Swamp Tour lest they catch swamp feet? These are all things I'd like to Google. But I can't. I am tepid wet washcloth foot massaging, otherwise known as mommy's special treatment for itchy feet, and my hands are dually occupied.

Despite Zayd's ear infections, (and now toe situation), Zahra's cough and mysterious "broken ankles", and Ziyan being once again struck with a cold and wheezing, we made it from Houston to Pensacola today and had a rather good time. The Urgent Care clinic ate up two hours so we missed one playground and a bead-giving crawfish restaurant but did make our swamp tour. It's worth mentioning that the other 30 people there swamp touring were all little people (terminology acquired from TLC-hope it's appropriate). Zahra immediately turned to me. "Mommy I didn't know there were people with bodies that size but then still round around." Eyes wide. Adults and kids come in all  shapes and sizes. "These are adults!?" Let's go potty Zahra.

I have tons of swamp photos on my real camera that I'll add later.

Here are sleeping car picture, exhausted swamp pros, Ziyan distrusting me in the third row, urgent care. Just your typical road trip fare.

Also, you should know that around 1am I decided what these toes need was Aveeno Positively Radiant face cream. (Jennifer Aniston uses it!) Upon returning from my toiletry bag, Zayd was asleep on top of the baby (more or less... but more). Whatever. Day one is logged for mommy once the whole crew is bedded down.

First thing up tomorrow, inhalers for everyone, almost-cold amoxicillin, shooting saline up baby's nose, using a 30 minute anti-wax concoction in Zayd's ear and Pensacola Beach. 🌴

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