Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zahra's Bedtime Yoga Flow

Zahra received a new favorite book for her birthday approximately two months ago: Goodnight Yoga Flow. She requests it every night and we usually do it together. Here is a video of her sweet excited face doing her yoga flow, and then encouraging me to do it as well. I look a bit more exhausted at the end of a particularly hard Monday but somehow she doesn't seem to notice. She is so bright and full of life and I am so lucky to be her mom.

Also this is how my vivacious young lady acts and sounds approximately 16 hours before being diagnosed with pneumonia. She is some kind of trooper.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Little Reading Bugs

Before you know it these kids are going to know how to read and I an going to wonder where the time went. Zayd enjoys writing and had started drawing books. My favorite was last week's project that made it's way to show and tell, a recreation of the Nat Geo Kids book "Monsters of the Deep".

His teacher told me today that Zayd is doing great with sentence structure and in December his teacher requested, "I know he is sight reading at home, but please try to really focus on phonics with his lessons." (Sight reading? I thought) Since then, I've noticed she's right. He's sight reading sometimes and making lots of educated guesses based on initial consonant sounds.

Not to be outdone, Zahra likes to guess letter sounds too. She's got about seven down and otherwise just says "eh, eh, eh" for the other 19 letters of the alphabet. She's writing more and more. Today she traced her hand expertly. "Look mommy. I traced my hand! And I did it well!"