Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Z-ful weekend (the five day kind)

Sam was out of town for the last 5 days so the kids and I have had a myriad of opportunities to hang out together and accomplish tasks. We went to soccer, we went to gymnastics, we went to Dr Cevey's office to discover Zayd has strep throat again. We did brunch. We went to Siclovia and play dates and school and the Fall Festival. We all attended Zahra's parent teacher conference. One of us ran eight miles on Thursday. We went to the bank, the plant nursery, Target, and Joann Fabric, twice. I taught Zayd how to use eBay and I'm sure it was a mistake but I'm trying to educate him that buying the one Pokemon card he wants for $3 is better than buying the 60 card pack he doesn't want to get the one card for $14.  (Cleaning one card is also easier than 60.) We stayed up late and watched the Astros defeat the Yankees in Game Seven to make it to the World Series. We did sensory play, we had spelling tests, we did puzzles and we each wrote a book. I drew 100 Pokemon. Maybe 200. I read Ziyan just as many books. ("Firetruck!" "Police car!" "Duck!", Etc) Zahra told me repeatedly how much she loves being with me and I gave thanks to receive such love. I promised her that, since she's my daughter, we have a lifetime of awesome adventures to plan for. One day, we were having so much fun, we frequently discovered that we'd forgotten to use the restroom or eat a meal the way we normally would. As quickly as we discovered such emergencies, we fixed them!

Surprise, surprise, we were the most out and about four people in the world and I'm completely exhausted. But I think my kids had fun and I had a great time being with them. I let the big kids sleep in my bed all weekend and it was so snuggly and wonderful. Plus it enabled me to figure out that Zayd, who never complained, had a very high fever.

Here's a very few pictures from the whirlwind weekend we put together. Mostly the are photos of the awesome 100% student produced Fall Festival. Small hands of kindergarten through third graders made carnival games using force and motion. You'll see Zayd showing off the cool cardboard cell phone he got as a carnival game prize.  I'm glad I was able to take off work to attend Fall Festival at my kids awesome school. I'm also grateful to have kids who can rally for all the adventure I bring their way and then snuggle down to watch sports.

ZiZi got a big boy haircut

Oh my gosh! I finally did it. Sam has been insisting that Ziyan get a real haircut for a while and it seems like there are lots of people with opinions about it. (For the record, Nana is in the "needs a haircut camp " and Joe was in the "please don't cut his hair camp"...with me!)

I somehow remain still a little sad about it and completely in love with how he looks. He's just the best looking little guy I've ever seen.

Enjoy the before and after.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Zahra skipped school

And assigned herself some writing work.

Here we present "Zahra's Book About ABCs"

This little lady just tickles me pink!

(First you'll find the entire song... Then "The ABC is the awfbet (alphabet) and I luv the awfbet. Thank you, bye bye."

Zayd's Wiggly Teeth

For most of September, Zayd had two wiggly bottom teeth. His new adult tooth seemed to be pushing and had already created a gap long before his baby tooth fell out. He had one just naturally fall out after about three weeks while listening to a story in class. He reports that he heard it and then felt something in his mouth. Ha. I wish I could have been there. For posterity, I've saved the tooth in my earrings' drawer, which I presume is completely normal. I can't get over how tiny this little tooth is.

Here is Zayd and his little brother and sister enjoying a celebratory trip to lick ice cream.

Our lucky man also got two visits from the tooth fairy and Joe even saw her when she showed up in the middle of the day. ;) Zayd is the luckiest boy in the world.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

San Antonio's version of a Hurricane

While many of my favorite people were hunkered down in Houston and watching the water rise in our favorite city, I was stuck with a little drizzle and three bored kiddos stuck inside here in San Antonio.  I have nothing to complain about from that weekend, we took it easy and had fun together. Here is a little snapshot of Zahra and Zayd getting creative on Day 3.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Z3 and the return of School Day Friday

Now that school is back in session, it means me and my little Z3 get to spend some time together! Friday is just about us!

Frankly, it used to just be about me and my to do list. Ziyan was so young and pretty much up for any adventure as long as he had his Tula carrier and an on-demand access to milk, so last spring we didn't focus on him, so to speak. Now, he has loves and interests. Books to start! I can tell that we are going to read at least a dozen books every Friday. He has favorite songs (Happy and You Know It, Ants Go Marching, and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes) that I will surely be singing on demand. He loves to do his shape sorting, throw a ball, play with his Minnie Mouse vaccuum that he INSISTED I buy, and eat sweet things preferably made from chocolate. He is the best little tubby Mammen I ever could want.

Tonight, he sat on the couch with all four of us "big Mammens" and kissed us each in turn. He might have given out 50 kisses, each with a giant toothy grin and an adorable smacking Mwa! sound. He is the best 3rd baby anyone has ever hoped for. I am so glad that he is my Friday date, every Friday.

Here he is on that very first Friday after enjoying a delicious croissant at Commonwealth Coffee House.

First Day of School at ALA 2017

I am negligent on posting first day of school pictures and then realized that I never posted last day of school pictures from June! SO, I offer up a twofer.

First, here are the kids headed off to their last days of school just before summer, Zayd to say goodbye to Ms. Alyson and Kindergarten, and Zahra to say goodbye to Montessori Schoolhouse and Ms. Lee. I was really much sadder to be leaving MSH than I expected. Both of my kids really blossomed there and grew into such interesting people.

Zahra didn't understand why she didn't have a sign like she does on the FIRST day of she made one. Again, MSH was the perfect environment to challenge this precocious four year old.

Fast forward 90 days, a lot of time with Joe and a few vacations, and you get to mid-August and a back to school advcnture for my kiddoes.

I am terrified of sending Zahra back to Pre-K 4, this time in a public school, but I really want her to be with her proper grade. I don't want her facing college at 17; I think she might self limit with her college choices (or we might!) to compensate for her age. I remember some young women at Bryn Mawr who were just 16 and they didn't get quite the full experience. I can't imagine what that looks like at a bigger school. So, maybe we mess around and tweak this year a little, but eventually we get her into a village model at ALA where she can do 2nd grade work in Kindergarten and all is well. I just have to hold on for that. And she does too. Since we are a couple weeks in, I can report that she likes it quite a bit but insists that they don't have to work, they just play. She studied for Zayd's first spelling test and got an 80 during our at-home exam, but frankly spelling OF as UV kind "uv" makes sense. :)

Zayd was excited to go back to school. The village model really works for him too. He has great friends and a wonderful teacher. He has reported some rough days and has a hard time being nice to so many people for such a long time (his words).