Saturday, July 14, 2018


I run these Mammens pretty hard. We worked a full day, speed packed the car, drove through rush hour to Sugar Land and even though we arrived after our kids normal bedtime, I suggested we should still try and make it to a wedding party. Needless to say, with a start time of 9pm, it was a Pakistani party.
We put the baby to bed and even though we had originally decided it would just be Zayd, Sam and I, Zahra expressed an interest in going. And when she put on her shalwar kameez without crying about it's itchiness, (a first!), I decided to let her tag along.
She was wild eyed and hyper on the way there, "Mommy! I forgot Daddy and Zaydie were even in the car because I was looking so much at you but then who would be driving if it's not you and I know it's not you because I'm looking at you." "Yes." She was asleep by the time we made it to the valet, thank goodness for valet. We got out of our car behind another family carrying another passed out five year old girl. So we were definitely at the right place.
When we walked in, my kids wanted to know where the play room was, "there's not even soccer balls!?" Ha. After adjusting, Zayd loved the experience. I told him he could get as much dessert as he wanted, sprite as he wanted, go wherever within the hall just don't leave. The kids ran all over the stage, inched between adults, and devoured the tiny cakes. It was just like I remember except they weren't hiding under all of the tables.
Zahra spent a little time making very sad puppy dog eyes, then just went to sleep on my lap. Multiple people commented on how I used to go to sleep at parties. I thought we all did...I had even listed it as an option for things to do when my kids asked.
All in all, the bride was beautiful, the music was great, the hookah was plentiful, and I loved seeing my WWC childhood family.
I wish we could join them again tonight for the actual wedding but we're cruising tomorrow! I'm very impressed with the stamina everyone had yesterday (even Zahra) but I'd better not push it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ziyan, my wonder boy

I owe so many posts about this sweet baby. He turned two more than a month ago and, though I have a draft, I haven't posted about it yet. I'm not sure exactly why but I know writing the post was difficult for me.

But, regrets aside, let me tell you about my little man. Today he peed in his potty AND put his jammies on completely independently. What?!? I couldn't believe it. He wasn't surprised, though.

The other day in the car, he counted to 22. The highest I'd heard him count otherwise was 15.

He is such a funny creative jokester. He loves to say, "mommy look!" Then throw his heard back, grab his belly, and do a completely fabricated belly laugh. It's so peculiar.

He loves loves lives singing and reading. Every Little Thing shaped from Bob Marley's "three little birds" is a favorite book. We sing E-I-E-I every night before bed but on our farm, there are not just animals. There are "lips" for kissing here and there and everywhere. Fire trucks. Normal obsessions. There are heads shoulders (here) and knees and toes (there). There are Elmos that sing their Elmo song. But also there are E-Is that go EIEI here and there. It cracks me up. As the young people say, he's so meta.

He's such a delight and I'm so glad we get to spend our days together.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Two Long Lost Videos

Remember when we went to Brooklyn for NYE and it was 5 degrees and a Snow Bomb Cyclone came to town and trapped us there? Yes, me too. Anyway, we ended up needing to find LOTS of entertaining things to do in our snowed-in hotel. When we went to the indoor pool, we discovered that it would be closed for the next three hours for private lessons. I took my three crying kids and had to get creative. "Hey guys! Have you ever been allowed to play on gym equipment? This is your lucky day!"

Ha ha. Enjoy.

Fiesta: The Party with a Purpos

I have never been the biggest Fiesta-er. I actually never got what made it fun: overpriced food and long lines, tons of alcohol, parades where nearly every float is from an organization you have never heard of, mexican embroidered shirts that we don't wear any other week of the year.

But this year, while entering my tenth year in San Antonio, I had the Fiestas. I wanted to do all of the things, and I mostly did! I bought the clothes, I bought the medals, I did it up. This year, we did have fun. Parades are actually fun. Parties are fun. But the best thing is seeing your friends so often. There are Fiesta events every day (multiple per day actually) for two weeks. That can be overwhelming but it also means everyone is in a festive mood. This city had a great energy and I soaked it in. I loved finding embroidered clothing from Mexico at my favorite vintage shop and even made my first (FIRST!) trip to Fiesta on Main. Next year, I am apt to even DECORATE for Fiesta. Why on earth not? It turns out the more you Fiesta, the more fun it is!

Check out a smattering of our events: The First Annual Mahncke Day, A Night in Old San Antonio, The Battle of the Flowers Parade below. We also hit up the King William Fair and the kids and I lasted nearly all day, spent a ton of money, and had a great time. Ha ha. (I think part of this liking Fiesta stuff has to do with working full time and pulling a full time paycheck, that is something I didn't have for those first eight Fiestas.) I ended Fiesta week with an evening run through the Flambeau parade preparations just before it started. I got to see tons of marching bands, ladies getting into their crazy gowns, and awesome floats. I think I might add that to our repertoire the next time we Fiesta. :)

Easter in Port A!

I love love love traveling with my kids.  The only thing that is a bit more fun is traveling with friends and THEIR kids also. Almost two months ago, (I am SLACKING on this blog), Sam and I took our minis and headed to Port Aransas just as the weather was turning nice enough for proper beaching. We had the best time. 

We headed straight into the water the second we got to Port A, at the Padre Island National Seashore. We were in our clothes and didn't get a single photo but it kicked off the long weekend just perfectly. We were carefree and splashing from sun-up to sundown Friday and Saturday and had a great time at the Texas State Aquarium on Easter Sunday. With two moms around we really had a chance to make memories and still keep a house with ten people running and fed, ha ha. 

We have spent the last few years away on Easter and I think this just might be a tradition. Three years ago Nani took Zayd to Pittsburgh. Last year, Nani, Nini, Ms. Sharon and I took the kids to Georgetown (which I am missing lately, the town was just that cute). And this year Port A. I can't wait to spend a lifetime of Easters on quick trips with my kids.