Friday, October 16, 2015

Restored by Light

Tonight my lucky family and some great friends got to head out to Mission Concepción for the unveiling of Restored by Light, an art/light projection to reveal what the mission looked like nearly 300 years ago. This is all leading up to the UNESCO world heritage site designation tomorrow. It all makes me pretty proud of this cute little town I call home.

Zahra and I enjoyed the San Antonio Chorale Music (Group?) perform a delightful concert in the church and the acoustics were amazing, even after all these years!

There kids had an amazing/daring/awesome time climbing up huge rocks, then roaring like leopards and caracals on ask fours backs arched. Then they (both!) lept to their feet, just like the wild cats they're convinced they are.

I didn't get many photos, but here's a couple.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day Built By Z's

After spending a few busy, lovely yet lonely days working in Ottawa, I s very happy to return home to my Z's. Promptly upon returning, however, I was off to a breast cancer fundraiser at the San Antonio Country Club. Very snazzy, I know! To make it up to the kids I promised them that we would do whatever they wanted on Sunday. They took the to heart and made a very long list.
  1. Go on a safari
  2. Go to chuck e cheese
  3. Eat chips
  4. Get a drive through carwash
  5. Don't watch football

We had to give up on "kids rule the day" around 3pm because mommy couldn't take much more but first, we accomplished all of this:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kiddie Park... For my Kids

The lentil and lolly can run circles around Kiddie Park these days.

It went so fast. They were once too small or scared for most of it. Or maybe I was. I can't remember. Babydom with both of them was a bit of a blur. But this trip, I could have been one of "those moms" who sit in the shade and play on my phone while my kids fly from the boats to the trains, to the rickety old Ferris wheel.

Truthfully their favorite is the arcade and they still don't require money. (Babies!) Maybe they don't know the machines take money? Either way, they think they're getting the full experience just jostling the joystick around.

When Zayd wanted to ride the spinning spaceships, I told him he couldn't. It says small children must ride with an adult or older child. I can't possibly ride with both of them! But the operator assured me they can ride together. What!? I thought Zayd needed a chaperone. It never donned on me that he could BE the chaperone. But, it turns out, he can. He did. They LOVED it.

Siclovia 2015

After a great four days in the land of sugar, we rushed home Saturday night to get back to the grind. We had about one million things to do this Sunday. It was overwhelming, frankly. Daddy was out playing with his new fun toy, an old school motorcycle he's tinkering with, and I was busy making lists of lists of things to do.

But me and the Z's made time for one of San Antonio's near city events: Siclovia. When they make it so convenient by shutting down the actual street we drive every single day, we need to show up. And it was worth every minute. I really have to put effort into teaching my kids to ride their bikes. We are always outside but we're strollering because... this ain't the suburbs. Anyway, siclovia is the urban solution to preschoolers who can't ride bikes. :)

Also, do yourself a favor and watch these little chickadees practicing their kickboxing. I assure you they had no urging from me. They just started participating when the beat stated bumping.

During Siclovia I felt somehow proud of my San Antonio-ness. Look at me! I left my favorite city (Houston) and this is wonderful! And worth it! I love it here! My kids are San Antonians! Really. All those thoughts. I was having a moment, apparently.

Then, it happened. We were home by 12:30 to watch our Texans win their first game of the season. #webelieved But, the Texans weren't playing in San Antonio. The Cowboys were the twelve o'clock game in San Antonio. What the what?!?! We made the wrong choice! Nothing is worth this! I hate this place! Ha ha ha. I really have to laugh about the whole thing.

But, fear not. My amazing husband let me drive his luxurious car around loop 410 to listen to the whole fourth quarter. And it was great. And we won. And I returned home having achieved the perfect balance of Houstonian loving and living it up in San Antonio.

An awesome Houston weekend