Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kiddie Park... For my Kids

The lentil and lolly can run circles around Kiddie Park these days.

It went so fast. They were once too small or scared for most of it. Or maybe I was. I can't remember. Babydom with both of them was a bit of a blur. But this trip, I could have been one of "those moms" who sit in the shade and play on my phone while my kids fly from the boats to the trains, to the rickety old Ferris wheel.

Truthfully their favorite is the arcade and they still don't require money. (Babies!) Maybe they don't know the machines take money? Either way, they think they're getting the full experience just jostling the joystick around.

When Zayd wanted to ride the spinning spaceships, I told him he couldn't. It says small children must ride with an adult or older child. I can't possibly ride with both of them! But the operator assured me they can ride together. What!? I thought Zayd needed a chaperone. It never donned on me that he could BE the chaperone. But, it turns out, he can. He did. They LOVED it.

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