Friday, October 16, 2015

Restored by Light

Tonight my lucky family and some great friends got to head out to Mission Concepción for the unveiling of Restored by Light, an art/light projection to reveal what the mission looked like nearly 300 years ago. This is all leading up to the UNESCO world heritage site designation tomorrow. It all makes me pretty proud of this cute little town I call home.

Zahra and I enjoyed the San Antonio Chorale Music (Group?) perform a delightful concert in the church and the acoustics were amazing, even after all these years!

There kids had an amazing/daring/awesome time climbing up huge rocks, then roaring like leopards and caracals on ask fours backs arched. Then they (both!) lept to their feet, just like the wild cats they're convinced they are.

I didn't get many photos, but here's a couple.

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