Monday, November 2, 2015

So many chiefs...

Here is an actual conversation heard from my backseat a few weeks ago:

Z2: (Screaming) Turn up the music!!!!!!!!!

(I continue to ignore her lest I scream at her "Talk to me nicely!" Ha ha.)

Z1: Zahra, relax! You aren't going to get what you want if you yell at mommy.
      Mommy, please turn up the music.

(I turn up music)

Z1: See, Zahra, you just have to ask nicely.
       Now, say it with me, "When you're really mad...


Z1: You have to do it with me, Zahra, or it won't work. "When you're really mad,

Z1&2: "...and you wanna roar. Take a deep breath, and count to four: 1, 2, 3, 4."

(Calmness pervades the back seat.)

Me: Zayd, that was great.

Z1: I know. I keep telling you I should be in charge.

Mic drop.

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