Friday, December 30, 2011

Zayd is Nine Months Old!!!

Weight: 19 1/2 pounds (35%)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (35%)
Head: HUGE! 80%
First word: Mama - that's right! He knows me!
Favorite thing to do: Read! *It worked* He loves a big picture book with baby faces or a book with a fuzzy dog.
Other favorite: go outside!
Favorite song: The wheels on the bus. We graduated from the Zayd song AND the ants. :(
Teeth: 7! (Bless his heart.)
Favorite food: anything he can feed himself. Cheerios, corn, pears and apples, mommy's figgy date bars.

He used to just push his food off the edge of his tray, now he throws it clear into the living room.

We took our first trip to the zoo with a gaggle of strollers from Mahncke Park and had a lovely time. Zayd's favorite animals were the itty bitty fish and a monkey that was running around with a newspaper. He also really really loved the iron railings around the animals' pens. :)
Almond milk smoothie at lunchtime!
He loves these rattles.
Finally, mommy got her first haircut in about a year. Great way to end the day.
Also, we will be showcasing a new hat next month - this one has been demolished.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zayd's First Christmas

Getting ready for the big day with an organic rice puff advent calendar. :)Some classics that hadn't made their way to the blog.

Christmas Eve the only way the Khan family knows how - on Christmas Eve and very late at night! Zayd is rocking his new cape made by yours truly. It was part of his "pretend box".

And I quote, "OK, everyone, I don't want this to be a crazy huge Christmas..."
"Do you need me?" He didn't actually open or care about anything.
Family photo!
He wasn't really so grinch-like.
Only because its Christmas.

A test drive!
The new Saleems! (Well, almost.)
The classic Mammens.
Love that shirt!
Matroshka Robots? I think so!
Then we headed to my aunts for a very Holder Christmas - a recap of our 30+ person Thanksgiving bonanza! I love love love having a big family and I sure hope Zayd does too!
I guess we didn't notice that he switched from carrots to pine tree...

Trying out his new "sleigh" while delivering gifts.
Zayd's first round as elf tuckered him out - this is two blocks from my parents house.

Daiper Pics

Saturday, December 24, 2011

1, 2, 3!

Zayd definitely likes his stocking suffers from mommy and daddy.
I wonder what santa will bring him tonight!

And, yes, he can fit a while D in hiss mouth!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh! Christmas Tree!

I realized that I hadn't shown you Zayd's first tree all dolled up and dressed for Christmas!
Here is the lentil enjoying his hookless plastic ornaments under our delightfully fragrant fresh from Texas tree!

Playground Fun!

Zayd is now old enough to enjoy OTHER parts of the playground. The swings have always been a favorite but now we have discovered the colored rings and the little lemon loved em!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ho ho ho!

Because I live in the most awesome neighborhood in the world, we took a short stroll to the neighbors front porch to enjoy some AMAZING hot cocoa (it had sweetened condensed milk and a bag of chocolate chips in it!), cookies, and time with santa.

Zayd, unlike most of the kiddoes in Mahncke Park actually loved the jolly man from the North Pole!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We're at *THAT* stage

The throw everything on the floor stage.

But, heck, if he will fake read a book while doing it, even just for 10 seconds, I will happily pick the other 25 up off the floor. Its all about compromise.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I lovey you!

We are trying to get Zayd to fall in love with a lovey. It is supposed to help him gain independence from, well, me!

The reindeer is an easy favorite because its got antlers for chewing, a cloth body for nuzzling and an adorable little smile.

Will I regret him having a reindeer lovey come February? We have also consider Ronnie the Robot or maybe one of his Christmas presents Daddy bought!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The curious incident of the mashed potatoes at lunchtime

As we all know the zayd monster had dealt with more than his share of stomach problems. We had been breezing through the past 2 or 3 weeks enjoying everything but dairy products. Well, mommy has. The lentil still eats most of his food pureed. But in november I started sneaking in tofu and loving it!

Just after Thanksgiving, the manny had apparently started feeding mashed potatoes to Z-man. I didn't realize they had become a new favorite and the boys didn't realize the potatoes were chock full of whole milk and butter.

So, we waited. And nothing happened. We dealt with a touch more reflux that week but nothing horribleand NOTHING like what we endured during our allergy prime.

So, I vowed to have cheese on my birthday. Which turned into cheese most days, followed by cheesecake with Nani and uncle jon this weekend. Still nothing.

The storm has passed. I have started eating without regard to allergy-four full months prior to what I thought would be the end of our TED. I've stopped labeling the frozen milk with the 2-20 different restrictions I had avoided. I now start watching what I eats to avoid holiday weight gain, which is much easier to cope with than a screaming infant or bloody poops.

Here's the lentil enjoying cherries and post a sweet potato bonanza!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

And not only because it is a mere 30 degrees outside.

For Zayd's first Christmas we started what I hope will be a Mammen family Christmas tradition: we drove out to Devine and chopped down our own Christmas tree! There was so much to do at Devine Acres Farm and I would highly recommend it to other elves looking for the perfect tree.

Our first stop was to snap some photos of the little guy enjoying the farmin' lifestyle.
Drivin a tractor:

Hanging out on some hay bales:

Eventually, we made our way to the actual trees and it was mighty overwhelming!
The texture of some of the trees made the lentil crinkle his nose.

We toyed with the idea of a tree that was just Zayd's size:

But ended up settling on the fattest, bluest tree on the lot:

And Daddy set to work choppin it down with an old fashioned saw.

Daddy hauled the tree to get back on the hayride and we headed to the tree processing center where they shook that poor tree to within an inch of its life.
We spent some time with the chickens and goats and Zayd loved it. Loved!