Friday, December 30, 2011

Zayd is Nine Months Old!!!

Weight: 19 1/2 pounds (35%)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (35%)
Head: HUGE! 80%
First word: Mama - that's right! He knows me!
Favorite thing to do: Read! *It worked* He loves a big picture book with baby faces or a book with a fuzzy dog.
Other favorite: go outside!
Favorite song: The wheels on the bus. We graduated from the Zayd song AND the ants. :(
Teeth: 7! (Bless his heart.)
Favorite food: anything he can feed himself. Cheerios, corn, pears and apples, mommy's figgy date bars.

He used to just push his food off the edge of his tray, now he throws it clear into the living room.

We took our first trip to the zoo with a gaggle of strollers from Mahncke Park and had a lovely time. Zayd's favorite animals were the itty bitty fish and a monkey that was running around with a newspaper. He also really really loved the iron railings around the animals' pens. :)
Almond milk smoothie at lunchtime!
He loves these rattles.
Finally, mommy got her first haircut in about a year. Great way to end the day.
Also, we will be showcasing a new hat next month - this one has been demolished.

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