Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zayd's First Christmas

Getting ready for the big day with an organic rice puff advent calendar. :)Some classics that hadn't made their way to the blog.

Christmas Eve the only way the Khan family knows how - on Christmas Eve and very late at night! Zayd is rocking his new cape made by yours truly. It was part of his "pretend box".

And I quote, "OK, everyone, I don't want this to be a crazy huge Christmas..."
"Do you need me?" He didn't actually open or care about anything.
Family photo!
He wasn't really so grinch-like.
Only because its Christmas.

A test drive!
The new Saleems! (Well, almost.)
The classic Mammens.
Love that shirt!
Matroshka Robots? I think so!
Then we headed to my aunts for a very Holder Christmas - a recap of our 30+ person Thanksgiving bonanza! I love love love having a big family and I sure hope Zayd does too!
I guess we didn't notice that he switched from carrots to pine tree...

Trying out his new "sleigh" while delivering gifts.
Zayd's first round as elf tuckered him out - this is two blocks from my parents house.

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