Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Best Intentions

I once read a magazine article in one of my hippy mom mags about being a Zen Mom. I don't remember most of it but it talked about carving out a quiet space every morning to set your intention for the day with your baby. This seemed perfect for someone as over-scheduled and self-critical as me. (Two traits I hope NOT to pass on to my little babe.)
So, most mornings, or whenever I remember to "intend" I ask Zaydie what his intention is for the day. No answer yet. Most mornings I come up with something for him related to sleep. Most mornings, actually, I make a sleep inspired intention for both of us.
  • You intend to get restful restorative sleep, Zayd.
  • I intend to not let your failure to sleep define me as a mother and make me cross with myself or you!
  • I intend to sleep when you sleep, Zayd-oo!
But sometimes I get a little more creative.
  • You, Zayd intend to strengthen your relationship with Nani, today.
  • Today will be a success if WE get the dining room table cleared off.
  • Let's laugh together today, Zayd!
As, you can see the intentions really run the spectrum. Today I realized that they are sort of like mini resolutions. So, I thought I would reveal todays intention to you all:
  • Let's not rush the first day of 2012. When we are driving to Reliant Stadium, let's not feel panicked. The game will be awesome whether we start watching at kickoff or five minutes into the first half. When we are coming home to give you a nap, lets realize that stressing because we are late for your nap won't make you any more rested and will make the drive tense. Let's linger until we head to San Antonio. And when we get there, let's lay in bed together, or sit in our rocking chair, and think about how great tomorrow is going to be. We won't worry about unpacking or emptying the clean diapers from the dryer. We will just enjoy the smell of our house and sleeping under our own blankets.
Happy 2012 everyone!

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