Monday, June 5, 2017

My Earth Activist

First, I owe posts about disney, Ziyan turning one, the end of kinder, basically all of our recent major life events. But I haven't made that happen yet, so let's talk about today.

Zahra has been asking to do an earth clean up day since Earth Day and I finally made it happen this afternoon. Somehow the only photo I got was of this failed first attempt at cleaning up a soda can. Good for her for trying and we did eventually get that can off the sidewalk. We filled a trash bag about half way and the kids enjoyed wearing rubber gloves and handling trash for about an eighth of that bag.

Sam used to always make jokes that we'd need a get out of jail fund for Zahra for whenever she chains herself to some tree trying to save it from destruction. Well, Sam gets one point in the prediction lotto. I am raising a bleeding heart liberal in all the right ways.

At central market we took care of mommy's cruiser mailings (post office) and bought carrot cake for the kids and roasted bell peppers for me. Nearly every person there commented on our massive triple stroller. The best was a couple with an approximate four month old lovingly pushing her enormous car seat contraption around and the man says, "that could be you some day!" She looks... outraged, "ugh, never, there are three kids in that thing." Ha ha. Yes! And they can all hear you!

When we emerged, somehow there was a monsoon crazy lightning storm. Luckily Sam picked up three kids and I was the extra lucky lady who got to run the too-monstrous-for-any-vehicle EMPTY triple stroller home one mile in the rain. If you saw a lady on Broadway that looked like she'd lost her mind... that was me.

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