Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where can I buy an immune system?

Zayd is sick AGAIN. This makes I believe the fourth unscheduled trip to the doctors office this winter. I am counting at least one strep throat, one sinus infection, one cough accompanied by labored breathing and wheezing, and now Coxsackie B Virus. Ugh. This new diagnosis is related to Hand, Foot, and Mouth but without the hands of feet and with a considerably higher fever. We've been running in the 103-104 range but what's new? Zayd is always rocking an extreme three digit temperature whenever he feels even slightly under the weather.

So, what does this leave us to do? We have enlisted the help of an immunologist as recommended by our pediatrician. We have a two hour workup next week (hope Zayd doesn't completely break down) with allergy and immune testing. So, then the question becomes, am I hoping they find something?

I keep saying "Where can I buy an immune system and just inject it into his little body?" Maybe this immunologist has the answer. All I know is our ped is none too happy that Zayd has been steadily losing weight at every appointment since January. I defended us by pointing out that it was the same the year before - Zayd barely survives winter, then I fatten him up all summer long.

January 2013

Last Week
When he was a baby (with the same problems) I always thought that once he could tell me what was wrong it would get easier. It turns out "mouf hurts" *my mouth hurts* doesn't give me much to work with. Especially not since he is now better at refusing medicine or, heck, even fluid. Ugh.

Last night Zayd slept for around 5 hours total. Thirty minutes laying on top of me in (my) bed with me continually patting his back. If I stopped, he would wake me to tell me to start again IMMEDIATELY. So, was he ever sleeping? I don't know. The same type of sleep on the couch for a bit. Then into the guest bedroom. I think he got half as much in a wrap. Yes, I wrapped him. I had about an hour of crying in my arms before all bets were on the table. We watched two episodes of Sesame Street in the middle of the night (the only sleep I snuck in, BTW). I bounced him like when he was a colicky infant. But his best sleep was two hours driving around loop 410. So, off to bed. Don't want to veer off the highway at 4am while trying to get my shivering, burning-up little tot to rest.

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