Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brought to You By the Letter B!

In keeping with our love of Sesame Street, and since Mahncke Mama brunch was cancelled his past Thursday, we decided to have a day inspired by the Street and "brought to you by the letter B". At first this was just my creative idea to get Zayd to take a morning bath.

He wasn't really buying it. I made lots of promises about all of the B activities we were going to enjoy once we were Bathed: Bus, Boots, Bakery, and Baby!

Here we are getting ourselves together while Zayd simultaneously empties his and my wallet. 

But then he did this. All was forgiven.

And a little bragging on myself, I did my first Back carry with a Lolli this tiny! Woot me.  Zayd thought it was awesome. She should be higher and a little tighter but its a start.

We happened upon a most Brilliant surprise! And we counted them!

The Bus is coming! Get out your Buck.

Zayd did not so much enjoy Mommy's bus photo shoot. But, goodness, it was worth it! Wish I had the arms to bring along my DSLR but I just thought it didn't make the "public transportation with a stroller and two tinies" packing list.

We took the bus down to the Pearl Brewery Complex to check out the newest selection of vintage boots at Leighelena. Zayd did pick out a birthday present for Daddy and it was Blue. I am not sure if he knows what it is but he definitely wanted it for daddy's "happy". 

Our last stop before home for Bed was the Culinary Institute of America Bakery. They had a Blueberry muffin, but we chose a RarRar and let the Bakery be enough for our B-Bidding.

I am VERY excited to do the rest of the alphabet!

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  1. This is ADORABLE. Please make all of the pictures into a snapfish book!!