Saturday, May 18, 2013

Zahra is Five Months Old

You know what else starts with F...FIVE, as in Zahra is (and has been for a week) FIVE months old. Granted I took her pictures pretty much on time, but I certainly didn't get them up here in an appropriate amount of time. F also begins FAIR, so we will try harder at six months. Poor poor second child of mine. Sometimes, I really do feel bad for my poor second child.Then, I reflect on my status as the eldest of two and think that my brother really doesn't have it so bad (sarcasm!), so Zahra probably doesn't either. (Love you Jon-Boy!) (And Zahra-Girl!)

Lately, Zahra

  • chunked up! Way to go little lolly!
  • Can totally get around, though I wouldn't call it crawling.
  • Is getting to be a fantastic independent sleeper. (Which Zayd also recently mastered.)
  • Babbles a LOT
  • Spits at you when she is mad and makes a trumpet sound
  • She is taking advantage of all of the giant plastic monstrosities built for infants: the jumper, the play gym, the bumbo, you name it.
  • She can kind of sit up

Here is Zahra just waking up to celebrate her 5-month birrth-aversary!

We took the  little lolly to baby storytime which it turns out is run by someone new now and wasn't quite what we expected. Zayd get saying "Bus? Bus?" ("When will we hear the Wheels ont he Bus, Lady!?") and Zahra didn't get a spot on the play blanket.  So, we decided to enjoy the children's section of the library and some outdoor play.


Outside, Zahra enjoyed her first rid on the swing

And rediscovered her hand!

And here are some additional recent pics that I just can't bare not to post.

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  1. I try to make comments about things other than their physical traits like a good Auntie, but really, you have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN EVER.