Monday, May 20, 2013

Mommy Musings

An hour ago...

I had just finished a 1.5 hour hot Power Yoga class and was laying in shavasana all relaxed. I think I dozed off for a second because this mama of two tots is TIRED. Then, I started thinking about reading with Zaydie this evening and about how he likes to refer to these two little children at the end of Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear as Nani and Nana. In the middle of this 105 degree room filled with eight exhausted women, I started giggling. I just kept thinking about my sweet boy who is convinced that these two kids are his Nani and Nana.

Yep, a little blonde boy and an Indian(?) girl with pigtails. In his defense, how many images of a white person next to a dark-skinned person does Zaydie come across in his books...not many, maybe only one.

While we are on the topic, Zayd calls this book Ella.

He obviously remember's Ella's puppy Cairo from our Labor Day adventures last year.

For frame of reference, here is Zayd on Auntie Ella and Uncle Peters porch during that visit when he last played with Cairo. His memory for pets is uncanny! If you want Zayd to remember you, buy a dog.

Zayd calls the farmer in his Farm Donkey book "AJ". I suppose all tall white men *could*  be AJ.

And here is the kicker. And possibly my motivation for going to yoga so often.

Oh, that's right. Whenever we get to this page in his Elephant and Piggie book (thanks Nene Crystal) where it says "a BIG sister", Zayd points at this hippo and says "Mommy!" Let's pretend its the eyelashes or his new all around obsession with hippos. I am going to keep going to yoga until Zayd sees a giraffe and shrieks my name with excitement. Just sayin'.

In all honestly, Zayd loves reading and I want to remember that about him. Zahra is getting to the age where we can *almost* read our nightly books together all crisscrossed and limbs galore in our little green rocking chair. Heaven.

In other news...
Zayd had a slight fever, has been complaining of painful knees, and asked to go to sleep at 5:30. Send positive healthy vibes his way and maybe we can beat whatever this is before it takes hold. The immunologist recommended probiotics, selenium, and xylitol as a first course of action while we wait for the bloodwork to come back...let's see if its helping.

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  1. Just re-read this to laugh again. The hippo is too much. I'm going to go with eyelashes and that you were pregnant with his sister! You guys crack me up. And I LOVE that he remembers Cairo (and maybe me?)