Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Houston Zoo

From the second we took off for Houston, Zayd asked for Nani and Nana. After he fell asleep in the car for his nap/drive, he couldn't keep his head up and we couldn't imagine him lasting long , so mommy had to crawl in the back and hold his little noggin upright. Turns out this wasn't comfortable because Zayd didn't sleep. And then he cried, for like 36 hours. "Home, pleassssse." 

Perhaps starting off on a better foot (nap!) would have helped. Perhaps we need one of these. (Ha ha! Someone find me a DIY pattern please, I can't pay $20 for a strap to contain Zayd's head until I try to craft one myself!) In all honesty, he was sick (the second illness for May) and it made him much harder to please. That and not having his bed and his routine were especially hard on the tike and I felt bad for him.

"Home, pleassssse. Please home, night night!" He said this ALL DAY for 36 hours. I appreciate the good manners BUT we stuck it out. Sam and I are not apt to stick things out with Zaydie and are much more comfortable making him comfortable. But Nani made some good points. (So glad she gave her opinion as we desperately wanted it!) Zayd really can get by with a little less catering, now can't he? He might even get to experience wonderful things, if he just lets Mom and Dad call the shots (every once in a while). And we have to know that 1.) He definitely is a lot sicker than other little boys his age 2.) That means he is miserable considerably more often than other little boys his age 3.) But we should still try to treat him like other little boys his age.

By Saturday night, he was like a new kid. It was wonderful, Nani and Nana actually got to enjoy him for a bit. Sunday morning, Mommy, Daddy and the Lentil headed to the Houston Zoo for a speed run through the exhibits before naptime. Best. Idea. Ever. 

There were at least six elephants and Zayd was in Hiya Heaven!

And there were six african drums in the Africa Exhibit!

Check out the chimp in the background. He's too cool.

 "Me ride!" It is a 2-D cutout but we tried.

One of the can't-miss best-ever features of the Houston Zoo is feeding the giraffes. At $5 for three pieces of lettuce its not "cheap" but it is worth it many times over. This was a special treat since there are NO giraffes at the San Antonio Zoo.

Here is Zayd in an eyelash competition.

Check out the baby below. We crawled on the ground to get to him without having the big-ems snatch our romaine!

Big-ems doesn't even cover it.

To our absolute delight the Zoo Carousel features an Okapi. Okapis are one of Zayd's new favorites. Every time (literally) that I come home from work Zayd reports to me about whether the SA Zoo okapi was walking or running today. Zayd goes to the zoo handily five days a week. Its close, its free (at this point) and he LOVES it. Zoo school anyone? That's what I am currently contemplating for Pre-K 3. But I digress. He loves okapis. He calls them "puppy" which makes it equally interesting when he brings them up the cashier at Central Market or Nene Payal. Confusion ensues. "Zoo! Puppy! Big! Walk, not run!" Or, the more exciting, "Zoo! Puppy! Big! RUNNING!!!!! Me see!!!!"

Say cheese Zayd. I am not sure if I want him to get the hang of actual posing or just do this till he's thirty.

And that's it folks. The Houston Zoo in 75 minutes. :)

In other news, just to keep a record, tonight Zayd is crying about his ear hurting. Make that his third illness in May? Seriously. May, not December. Not flu season. May. If he goes back to sleep and sleeps through the night, I am going to assume he fell asleep on it wrong. Immunologist diagnosis/results appt is June 18th. Darn summer vacation.

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  1. Look at that smile with the drum!! I think I remember you taking some African dance classes fairly far into your pregnancy with him-I love it. Poor honey feeling so sick. I hope the immunologist has something to say-but don't despair if she doesn't. Insert that disgusting phrase about skinning a cat.