Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Very Birthday Weekend!

Our favorite twins in the Under 3 category had their first birthday this week, Zahra celebrates her 5 month birth-a-versary, and our very own Daddy had birthday to bring us into the weekend.

Zayd and I have been preparing for weeks and today was the day we "wrapped" Daddy's new bike before he got home from work.

I try to put paint out on plates whenever we do art projects but Zayd is ALWAYS convinced that he is just supposed to paint the plate. He will only transfer paint to "canvas" if he dips the paintbrush in the paint jar. Its quite odd. Anyway, for the first 20 minutes we just painted plates. We had the chance to talk about our colors and experiment with mixing primary colors or adding white to our plates.

Then I inspired him!

Here is Zayd trying to help himself. My goodness.

When the painting got boring, we ended up sticker-fying the box. We kept it educational by talking about prepositions as we stickered. "Can you put the alien INSIDE the ''D'?" "Let's put the one-eyed monster NEXT TO the volcano."

It was all going great. And then Daddy walked in...EARLY! Whoops!

Mommy and Daddy had date night and spent the next thirty minutes mostly ignoring the kiddoes and trying to turn a harried Friday into a night-out. 
"Have you seen Zayd?" 
"Not for ten minutes..."

Check out these faces. He made the same face EVERYTIME he dragged the paintbrush across his cheek. It was pretty hysterical.

Until he dragged the paintbrush across his tongue. "Mouf!" (Mouth.)

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