Friday, May 3, 2013

It Must Be Recorded

I keep trying to come up with a blog to showcase Zayd's new talents. But, heck, lets just run em down.

  1. There is nothing this kid can't say. Today he asked for a teabag. Not just tea, he wants tea from a teabag. "Giant excavator" is another favorite thanks to the Broadway Corridor construction. His "accent" on that one is ADORABLE.
  2. He can count to nine and LOVES to.
  3. He can count to nine in Spanish. (This was a complete shock to me too. He went from Uno, Dos, the the whole nine all of a sudden.)
  4. He knows the entire alphabet and can pick out letters in his books.
  5. He sings. It is the best.
Just to make everyone feel a little more comfortable, he has definitely not mastered Big vs Small. Ha ha.

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  1. Update! I realize I only wrote this last night BUT Zayd said the following on our morning drive. "Mommy? Nani come here play more. Nani come play with me more." What on earth.