Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zayd Spelled His First Word

...and it was glorious.

While strolling through the grocery store last week, I remarked, "Wait! We forgot Daddy's lunch salad!" And Zayd asked, "How do you spell salad?"

Hmmm. We have been talking a bit about spelling but hadn't spelled any real words yet. I know they play I Spy all through lunch in Ms. Elaine's montessori class, so he has some concept of phonetics ("I spy something that starts with the letter 'S'"), so why not try.

I encouraged him to try it out. He got S and A right away. I was pretty freakin amazed. That is when I decided to pull out the video camera and catch my boy spelling his first word. And, remember, his first word was SALAD. :)

(It might look like I am coaching him here through S and A, but I promise you it was all him. I did have to give him the second A to keep him interested, though.)

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