Monday, April 13, 2015

Girl's Weekend Day 2

On Day 2 of Girl's Weekend we had so much fun that mommy forgot to blog! First, we met up with Nini Crystal for brunch (our third awesome meal in 24 hours) and Zahra ate her weight in scrambled eggs. Or eggies. 

Then, we tried to go to an Easter Egg hunt that turned out to have happened the weekend before. (Whoops!) Not to worry, mommy improvised and we had our first Easter Egg hunt right in Nani and Nana's front yard.

Here is a video of our little hunt. I will warn you that we had the Pandora Easter Station going on my phone and I didn't realize how LOUD it was going to be! (Sorry!)

We had an afternoon at Eldridge Park watching the ducks.

And we ended our day back in the village, shopping and eating, and hanging out with Nini Juju. So many Ninis, so little time.

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