Friday, April 17, 2015

Our First Shoebox Fiesta Floats

We were  up and at 'em early this morning because Mama had a long list of to dos. First up, make the Zs' first Shoebox Fiesta Floats for their school parade on Wednesday. We talked about it a lot over the week and I only had one rule: let's try and pick something you both want to do, i.e. the same theme float. It isn't that I don't want them to have their individuality, but Zahra ALWAYS just wants to do whatever Zayd is doing (once they are doing it) and I didn't want to do a bunch of setup only to have them both fighting over who got to glue Zayd's favorite Rescuebot to their shoebox. A couple of days ago we realized that we had two stuffed animals so maybe that would be a good way to go! Zayd dreamt up giving him a drumset and I said we could put him onstage like Mr. Dan that time we went to hear his band. Sold! There is very little Zayd has enjoyed more in his entire life than hearing Mr. Dan's band. (You should consider that name, Mr. Dan. It's catchy.)

We let the Z's paint their boxes however they wanted. (Mama even bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday just so they'd have "fresh" boxes.)

We added a Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem band poster to the stage background. Then, we painted toilet paper rolls. We got out Zayd's drumset t-shirt and looked closely at the drums. Zayd noticed that we needed high hats and four stripes on the barrel of the drum. We decided to make the high hats out of foil and straws and Zayd striped up his painted drums.

We ended at this, for Zayd.

And this for Zahra.

By nighttime, I had convinced her to return to her creation and help me assemble it properly. She insisted no high hats. OK, fine. (The high hats are balanced on the drum tops.)

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