Friday, April 10, 2015

Zahra and me and daughterdom

We saw our first Mammen family movie today, which means Zahra watched her first movie ever. I really believe she has never sat through an entire movie at home or even in the car. She did pretty darn great, really. I think not a single second went by when she wasn't chewing either popcorn or mini m&ms and she may have switched seats five times, but she did it. She sure is growing up.

When we were laying in bed this morning during our Friday morning snuggle, we had a long talk about our upcoming adventure. You see, on Fridays, (all days) Zayd would rather wake early and watch something on Netflix. Zahra and I are always more interested in laying in bed, even if we're just snuggling, not sleeping. Today was a snuggly day since she'd slept a full twelve hours. I told her that we were going to see her first movie today. We talked about how it might feel special like Girls Weekend...just with the boys. Then we started our favorite wordplay. It might be super annoying to everyone else but I live for it.

Me: Who's my favorite girl?
Z2: Me!
Me: Who's your favorite girl?
Z2: You!
Smiles all around.

But then I added, "Do you know who's my favorite lady?"
Z2: You?
Me: No, silly, my Mommy.
Z2: Where is she?
Me: Nani? Nani is in Houston.
Z2: Oh yeah. (Shakes her head rapidly in her new  quintessential manner, silently "duh"-ing herself.)
Me: My Mommy and I like to do so much together and as you get older you and I are going to do so much stuff together.
Z2: Like what?

I went over how my mommy and I love shopping, and good restaurants, getting our nails done, typical Lady stuff. I told her that when I was a kid we went to the theatre every month and maybe when Zahra got bigger we would all go. I told her my mom and I like to travel together. I told her how wonderful it is to have an awesome mom to do all this new stuff with and how she and I were going to do it all. (Because I'm awesome, too.)

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