Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Four Times Round the Sun

On Friday, we Mammens had an extra special day when Zayd, Zahra and I got to go to the Primary Class at Montessori Schoolhouse to hand out some delicious candied popcorn for Zayd's Fourth Birthday. Zayd was beyond thrilled that we got to have this special excursion, though he couldn't quite figure out what his friends were doing in school on a Friday!?! (He is slated to start 5-day Pre-K in August.)

We started the morning the way either Z would choose to start just about any day: potato and egg tacos from Bill Millers.

Then off to school! We started a little apprehensive, but sure warmed up quick.

We ladies were psyched to spend the morning in Ms. Elaine's primary class.

In a Montessori environment, it is traditional for the teacher to set up a sun, give the child an Earth (I'm sure of proper dimension in relation to the sun) and have the child walk around the sun as many times in this symbol as he has actually circled the sun in real life. At each age, Ms. Elaine talked to Zayd about what things he had learned when he was 1, or 2, or what he thought might be ahead. He was silent. Silently adorable.

Then Zayd got to hand out a special snack to everyone.

And though Zahra attempted to commandeer the first spot she saw, we eventually settled on the perfect seating arrangement.

Zahra spent nearly all of her time filling her water glass and demanding someone drink it so she could fill it again. The focus on her face here speaks volumes about this little lady.

 We got to see Zayd in action for just a few minutes.

And then headed out to embrace the rest of our Friday!

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  1. Oooo! I love this glimpse into their school world!!