Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter is Hopping this Way!

So, in my calculation, we are going on year three of Thursday brunch. I believe it all started when Ellie and Jude were newborns and Aunt Hailey was in town to help out. (Ladies? Confirmation?) In the beginning, we planned things in advance. We pinned healthy, hand held, brunch recipes for the tots, packed picnics to enjoy a gorgeous spring day, and cleaned our houses before friends showed up. Nowadays, mostly we are scrambling to figure out what we're eating, and this year Kristin and I are just trying to get half her kids to school before our gym run before someone hosts seven or so tiny ninjas for brunch. 

This week was particularly insane. I still hadn't cleaned from the birthday party but was dead set on preschool egg dying so decided to "man up" (though no man I know could pull of half of what I so in a normal "day off") and host brunch. Ms Kristin and I and (some of) our five favorite people did quite the bang up job. And my whole house got swept before most people arrived (Ms Laura was very helpful so I just waited for her arrival ;) ).  It turns out we don't really need to plan ahead or be fancy. We just might be pretty spectacular mothers by the seat of our pants.

Let's take a lesson in geometry from these kiddos. I said, sit in a circle. They did this.

Genius. OK. We explained that a circle is round. There was much reorganization then they settled on this configuration.
Make all of your feet touch.

OK. Touch your feet to the ghost catchers. (In Mahncke Park, the Lopi have somehow renamed even the most common kitchen gadgets.) We called this a success.

Pick an egg.

Color it with candles.

Put your egg inside the ghost catcher.

And dip!

Here, notice the pen on Zahra's leg. This is after two bathing events. The first was her typical bath, and the second was a failed attempt to remove the Metal Tattoo eye-shadow she covered her body in. See instagram for evidence. I love how she sits like this is ballet class.

And finally, Easter stickers for decorating your eggs or your legs. Stickerers choice.

We started with a dozen eggs but ended with seven dyed and still in their shell. Not too shabby. (P.S. I know there are only five pictured here.)

Happy Easter to all!

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