Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zayd...Time Flies When You're Two

Zayd has really just been maturing so quickly, that I feel like I need a monthly update like I used to do when he was in his first year. Yesterday, Zayd turned 28 months and here's what's new:
  • If I leave him alone for three seconds he covers himself in something...

  • He is singing ALL THE TIME. It makes my heart sing. (Because he has made very clear that I am not to sing with him using my actual voice.)
  • He has been wearing big boy underwear for three days now with pretty remarkable success. We seem to only have accidents while sitting in cushy chairs. (An unideal time for it, really.)
  • He is starting to really understand emotions and talk about them: happy, sad, mad, scared, and proud.

  • He is becoming such a boy!

  • He is into more big boy things - like dressing as a pirate for Peter Pan day at the local Twig bookstore. When Miss A was telling us what an awesome day it was going to be, he was "Ooh, wow!"ing all over the place. And he had never heard of a pirate.

Enjoying ice cream. It turns out there were too many kids at Peter Pan day for his sensibilities.
  • His art is starting to look like art and now has a permanent display place in the kitchen!

What hasn't changed:
  • He is still obsessed with books and reads alone in his chair
  • Zayd still squats like a true Desi
  • And has ridiculously skinny limbs
  • He still loves sensory play
Baking soda and lentils, before we added food dye and vinegar!

  • He still loves to snuggle up at bedtime and first thing in the morning

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  1. The pirate picture is my new favorite Zayd moment.