Monday, July 8, 2013

Ramadan Mubarak!

Though I realize this is Zayd's third Ramadan, it is the first one we will be doing a bunch of activities for. I'm sad to miss another year of fasting but my sweet baby Zahra needs her mama well nourished! We will just have to fulfill the Ramadan spirit in other ways!

Zayd couldn't stay up to see the moon tonight but first thing in the morning, we will go searching for it outside.

I'm also dreaming up weekly iftar dinners that might function more like an open house. Dates and tea for the neighbors? Almost none of whom are fasting so skipping the full meal means I can invite anyone (everyone)!

We are going to make crescent moon and star cookies.

We are going to make a paper chain for each day of Ramadan to count down to Eid. (Note: this must be completed TOMORROW!)

We are going to collect all of our change throughout the month to give to someone in need.

Any other recommendations? Anything special you have planned?

Ramadan Mubarak!


  1. Love these ideas, especially the cookies together! Maybe you can deliver some to neighbors? What about "fasting" a little bit together-like looking at the clock and waiting an extra bit (minute? two for two years old?) before eating to get the idea of abstaining from something?

  2. That abstaining idea is so good. (Though a little hysterical because all I am EVER trying to do is get him to eat...NOW!) I will think about it and how to incorporate it into dinner.