Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Ramadaan Gift for Nana!

We spent our first day of Ramadaan quite happily and crossed two things off of our list:

  • the paper chain to mark each night of Ramadaan
  • Ramadaan Mubarak bookmarks

Here he is shaking green glitter onto our bookmarks. We wanted to make these so Nana would have a bookmark when he reads Qur'an every night. We are also committed to doing some Qur'an reading this month especially and so we decided to make a couple. A couple turned into a BUNCH.

And here is Zahra singing what must be a Ramadaan song!

Don't worry, she has a brand new paintbrush for a chew toy. (Vice a painty one.)

Our finished product! The bookmarks are complete with stars and moons and Ramadaan Mubarak in Arabic. Who wants one?

Now, Zayd likes to show everyone his "Ramadan", by which he means his paper chain. He really has no clue what's going on but I have tried to explain. We had a blast making it. And it has been a true pain keeping it taped together.

Here we are ripping off the first night's link before dinner. Someday, we will continue this tradition and he can do it when Mommy opens fast. But that can't happen until he can stay up late enough to see the sun set...

(Doesn't he look so much less skinny with his clothes on!?)

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