Friday, July 12, 2013

Zahra is SEVEN months old

Zahra is seven months old. Can you believe it!?

Here's what's new:
  • Zahra has definitely porked up at 15.5 pounds! That is approx one pound in one month. She is growing like a newborn. (Not that she particularly grew like a newborn when she was a newborn.) The other day someone told me that she was tall. Maybe, who knows? We don't get measured till nine months.
  • She is crawling like a fiend and even walking along the furniture. Look out world.
  • She is so stinkin' spunky. If she is reaching for a toy and you hand it to her, she gets super frustrated. Apparently Zahra lives by the motto that its all about the journey. That and "I can do it MYSELF, mom!"
  • She is eating solids that she feeds herself. It is kind of strange but at meals Zayd has all of his peculiar proclivities laid out on a plate or a sectioned tin and Zahra eats whatever I am eating. I have learned a lot these last 27 months.
  • She loves to make raspberries with her lips and tongue.
  • She might be signing the word milk to me. Well, she is definitely signing milk (as I have been), but I am not sure if she knows it.
  • Zahra cries when I leave the room. It borders between sweet and impossible.
  • She has become a terrible sleeper. Ah, the joys of the Mammen-babes.

We had such a great day on her seven-month-a-versary. It was one of those days when you feel like you know what you are doing. We accomplished so much:
  • a trip to the doctor
  • a trip to the bakery as a treat
    • during said trip Zayd said please and thank you

    • we got Zayd's haircut AT HIS REQUEST
    • we completed the week's grocery shopping AT ZAYD'S REQUEST
    • naptime
    • we made a cake!
    After all of that, though, I had to order a pizza. I just couldn't clean up the kitchen one more time.

    Breakfast of eggs and puffed wheat. (It takes a while for her to get chipper in the morning.)

    Whereas Zayd wakes up raring to go!

    Today was our first time to explore the tunnel! Zahra loved it. She loved it most when Zayd sat at one end and beckoned her. She cried like a banshee when Zayd came flying through it as she was cautiously navigating her way out.

    Here she is looking at Zaydie. (Look at that belly.)

    At night, Zayd said he wanted to make a cake for Rachel. So, that's what we did. (Rachel is not visiting, and it was not actually Rachel's birthday when we made her the cake during her visit. We play loose with the birthday rules around here.)

    Oh! And we got her ears pierced!

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