Monday, July 22, 2013

Zayd's First Day of Swim, Year Two!

They (you know who you are!) all said it was a terrible idea. That Zayd would NEVER swim again. That he would NEVER make it through a single class.

And while there was a little bit of this:

Mostly, he was pretty content and interested in what was going on! He did a great job sitting on his spot on the first step IN THE WATER, mind you! He swam from the middle of the pool to the steps three times, retrieved a truck from the bottom of the pool and even swam to the edge and pulled himself out. When he got to me (hiding) in the pool house, that's when he cried. But just for a hot minute!
He tried to say "Cheese" but somehow he has completely lost the ability.

More of his new fake smile:

But then he noticed baby crawling about!


For his treat, we got a Mexican Chocolate paleta. Delish!

Here are some of my favorite Zayd quotes from today:
"Mommy, me cry cry cry!"
When talking about getting the truck off the pool floor, "Me go, wheeeee!"
"Me swimming!"
"Mommy so proud! Me proud too."

We all got a little tougher today!

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  1. Never say never! I think we've all had bad days at the pool-followed by good ones!