Monday, July 1, 2013

Garbage Truck!

Zayd's current obsession is garbage trucks. We watch garbage truck videos on YouTube. We look for garbage trucks when we drive around town. We wait anxiously on our front porch for the garbage, recycle, and compost trucks three times a week. We empty garbage from one can to another. We pretend everything is garbage and drive it around the house in what is technically a dump truck. But don't bother getting into that debate with Zayd. Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. All day, everyday.

So, now we invent games around our favorite topic. This week, we built a garbage truck route around the kitchen and set up Lego garbage. I love setting up events now with Zayd's help; how mature of him to have the patience and foresight for future fun! We had single pieces and tall towers of all shapes and sizes.

 It turned out, we did a lot of learning during our route!

  • We worked on our hand eye coordination by staying on the tape.
  • We talked about the colors of the garbage.
  • We talked about the number of pieces of garbage.
  • Zayd worked each new piece like a puzzle to get everything piled high on one little garbage truck.

Here is Zayd making sure there wasn't any garbage hiding on the island.

Look at the pride for a job well done. Now, all we had to do was get our garbage back to the "dump"!

On our second round, we got out the Duplos (smaller toddler-sized legos) and started creating more difficult shapes. This required extra creative placement as we went around the route. (And extended our play by another 15 minutes.)

Finally, every motor vehicle in the house took a spin around our tape neighborhood.

We were so excited to find a special treat as we were winding down for nap - the (actual) garbage truck had BROKEN DOWN on our street. Oh happy day! Zayd was thrilled. 

With our new favorite topic, can anyone recommend any good books about garbage? Especially one that focuses on the difference between garbage and recycling for toddlers? Zayd knows the difference now but I think he would love a book about it. I found this on Amazon.


  1. This seems like an interesting list!

  2. THanks bell. That garbage monster looks awesome!