Tuesday, January 8, 2013

THIS is why I have two arms

Today was my first day without a helper here in the Mammen house. Man did I wreck this morning. (I did well, in case that isn't clear...) Despite getting up at 3:30 for the day (with two thirty minute naps snuck in), before 10am I was a gold-medal mama. Zayd had breakfast, Zahra slept for more than an hour in her bed TWICE, the lentil and I had a dance party that made him squeal with delight, we played trains, we did karate and, through strategic use of our Sesame Street Super Heroes DVD, feeding Zahra was perfectly fine with Zayd. To top it off, I washed all of the diapers, cleaned the kitchen counters and I was wearing mascara.
But by ten, the energy I had wasted cleaning and mascaraing was completely zapped and Zayd was near meltdown because he'd been up since 4:45. (We are having some trouble still with this sinus infection and cough.) Then we heard a knock at the door.

My (newly crowned) favorite person Joe the Nanny was there. He was in the neighborhood looking at apartments (to live closer to us - score!) and wanted to give me a little break and get Zayd out of the house. I was so so so grateful. I took the hour with Zahra to feed and clothe her for the day but soon zaydie was home and needed his nap. Got that out of the way and Joe told me to go sleep and he'd take care of the lollipop. But the lolli wasn't having it. She wanted her mommy. So, I wrapped her up and did laps around the dining room table while Joe folded our laundry on his day off. I have been meaning to write a post about how blessed we are to have him but hopefully this gives you an idea. Also, I must mention that Joe's dad was a soldier who required tidyness and Joe is the best folder I have ever seen. Blessed.
I did manage to get in 30 minutes of sleep here by sitting up with Zahra. She was refluxing all over the place and couldn't lie down. So sad.
Anyway, Zayd had a great long nap and you would think the 2.5 hours until daddy got home would be a breeze. Heck no. Nothing worked. At one point I was pumping and carrying a screaming Zahra with my left arm/hand and trying to find the exact wheels on the bus version that Zayd wanted with my right and thinking how insane the whole thing was.
It was the only rainy day I've seen in months and it just happened to be on a day big Z really needed to run! (away from this crazy house) We devolved into letting Zayd pretend to drive the car while I fed Zahra in the passenger seat. Zayd was insistent that I sit in his carseat and pretend to be him but I held firm. When that got boring we started calling loved ones and crying to their answering machines that we loved them and wanted them to come play trains. OK only Zayd actually cried but it broke my heart.
But I suppose the upside of starting your day before six is that daddy is home before four! Daddy pulled up to find Zayd jumping in puddles and Mommy looking on from the doorway.
Mom of the year.

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