Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tea for Twenty

Zahra held her first tea party this weekend and it was such a wonderful time. A low key event where Mommy, Daddy and babies got to catch up with old friends and enjoy one too many cookies. (I think Zayd had a baker's dozen!)

The menu included four different types of tea, chocolate strawberry cupcakes, two kinds of scones (thanks Julie!), a baklava assortment (how Saleem-y of us), sugar cookies, and the hit of the day sour gummy worms. Ha ha ha. I thought the gummy worms were such a ridiculous purchase but they matched the cookies I had made and I heard multiple people exclaim "Gummy Worms!!" So I guess mom (Susan) hit the mark with those.

The kids had their own tea party table with Winnie the Pooh tea (chamomile sweetened with chicory root), tiny cups and saucers, mini milk jugs and SUGAR! We had to remove the tiny sugar bowls after Zayd discovered them.

 A tea place setting fit for a tot. The tea sets came from World Market and I am about to go buy a dozen more for all of our toddler birthday parties this year. What a great gift!

Thanks to Aunti Andie for helping with the setup and keeping the kids corralled. :)

Zayd drinks tea everyday but it is significantly more adorable when he does it in a sweater vest with a tiny cup.

Zayd was beyond thrilled to see Bri Bri arrive. (Thanks Auntie Kathy!) Here he is with one of one hundred gentle hugs. I have taught him to one-handed hug because he gets a little overzealous and people suffocate under the squeeze of his genuine hugs.

 It was wonderful to see old friends and little babies (who really aren't so little once you look at Zahra!)

Zayd kept the tea party going long after the sweater had to come off.

And when the tea got boring Uncle Jon to the rescue. Zayd has been trying to dribble every since. We have called Uncle Jon twice to ask that he bring over a ball. :)

The night wound down with a dozen of my favorite people gathered around the living room basically watching the Zayd show. I know I am enamored of him but it seems he was quite entertaining for EVERYONE. What an awesome age!

Thanks to everyone who made it out. It was such a nice time. Zayd loved the party, and now he is old enough to tell me how great it was. 

What a wonderful family, what a wonderful weekend, what a wonderful life.

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