Monday, January 7, 2013

Four Fabulous Weeks!

So, much has happened in the last four weeks.

  • Zahra went from being the easiest baby on the planet, to one that screams through every meal and projectile vomits from her nose, to something in between. (Thank you Prevacid and Breastfeeding Housecalls, our on-call, life-saving lactation consultant.)
  • Zahra spends a lot more time awake and some of it talking to you. She coos a bit and it is adorable.
  • Speaking of coo-ing, Zayd realized that to get his needs met he was going to have to start talking, and boy has he! Even watching the Christmas video, I realized that between Christmas and New Year's Eve he went from a signer to a full on talker. It is amazing!
    • Yeah, No
    • Apple, Ice, Cheese, Wawa, Juju
    • Bus, Truck, Car
    • Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Nani, Nini (any light haired adult woman who sleeps in our guest room but originally just Auntie Andie), Jon, JoJo
    • Down, Up, In, Out
    • He can do animal noises for just about anything. New ones include Sheep, Turkeys, Crows, Birds, Bees, Wolves, Snakes, you name it!
    • Ball! (Especially while asking us to bounce him to sleep because he is so uncomfortable - we have deflated the ball to only have one yoga ball-addicted mammenito/a.)
  • We are full speed ahead implementing some baby whispering techniques into our day for Zahra. Actually, since Zayd has been sick, he has gotten some BW-love as well. We are working on him sleeping through the night AGAIN! I would argue once he doesn't wake up coughing all night we will be fine. Daddy has a harder time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Zayd has learned to walk in his cowboy boots.
  • Zayd is eating a new food every few days. Rice has made the list, and he has bitten into (and spit out) tomatoes, blackberries, grapes, all kinds of things! I realize spitting it out doesn't make it an actual success but I am glad he is willing to try.
  • Zahra outgrew an outfit. What!?! And grew into a couple cloth diapers.
  • We have enjoyed almost constant visitors and are sad to have the holidays come to an end. Thanks to all the Ninis (and the ultimate support staff - Nani) that showed up to help with our tummy-afflicted though adorable family.
  • Sam was so generous to take a full four weeks off and is back to the grind today. Though I suspect he will work significantly less hard outside of this house than Zayd demanded while Sam was playing Mr Mom to the little lentil.
  • The biggest change for Zayd has been his thriving relationship with Daddy. He wants Daddy to feed him lunch, Daddy to snuggle him, Daddy to set up his Horatio Sesame Street episode. You name it. Where once I reigned supreme, I have been dethroned. Little girls are notoriously Daddy's Girls so I might need a third child so that I can be someone's favorite again! But first I need a few YEARS of good sleep. Ha ha.
Speaking of sleep, I am going to feed and hopefully nap with the lollipop. Wish me luck.

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