Thursday, January 17, 2013

Surrender to the Schedule

After many months of coaxing Zayd toward independent sleep I became an avid believer in THE schedule. In the idea that there is one proper schedule for my son at each particular phase of his life. It is my job as his mother to discover it and adhere to it. Strict, I know, but I really think it serves us both well.
Recently after a cold, Zayd's 530am wakeups have been more like 5 am and it just wasn't working for us anymore. So with a little baby whispering Wake To Sleep magic, I seem to have him starting the morning around 6:15. (W2S entails waking him 1.5 hours before the offending wake-up, letting him immediately resettle, thus throwing off his internal clock so he doesn't know when its 5am.) We had three successful mornings until today when he woke with a nightmare a little after five.
In the same vein, I have actually developed a schedule for Zahra as well. I don't make her adhere, but I work towards feedings every three hours and charting her sleep. She will benefit from our growing pains with the lentil.
So, to capture these early weeks, lets look at the schedule we had today.

12:30am Nurse Z2
2:30am Nurse. Playtime till 3:30
3:30am Z2 asleep
5:00am Z1 screaming with nightmare.
5:00-5:30am Pat Z1's back
5:30am Nurse Z2, put her back to bed
6:15 Z1 up
7:30am Z2 needs nursing snack to make up for small feeds during the night. Z1 needs breakfast.
8:30 Z2 actual "breakfast"
9:30 Z2 back to sleep till next feed
11:30 Lunch for Z1 and Z2
12pm Z1 nap, Z2 playtime
1:44 Z2 asleep in crib after Baby Whispering
1:44 - 1:55 Mommy naps!
1:55 Z1 up
2:30 Z2 eats Back to sleep.
5:30 Dinner for Zs. Playtime.
6:30 Z1 Bedtime routine.
7 Z1 asleep. Feed Z2.
9 Feed Z2. Pray she sleeps till 12:30!

Can't wait for them to grow up just a TINY bit. :) (Actually, he can stay less than two, and she should just catch up!)

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