Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mahncke Park could take Mr Rogers neighborhood anyday

I really live in the best neighborhood ever. In the history of neighborhoods there has never been one better.

  • My lady neighbors brought us six weeks of meals to help us through the early post partum period.
  • There is always a neighbor on their front porch and you are always welcome to stop by and chat.
  • We send group facebook messages to set up impromptu playdates at Brackenridge park.
  • We all have the cutest stinkin' houses.
  • I have never had to run to the store for a last minute forgotten ingredient. I have a dozen neighbors I would feel comfortable borrowing a cup of sugar from.
  • I have made the best mama friends. They are women who help me when I am crazed and celebrate with me when I am not. 
  • Old Man Jesse lives here.
  • I am not even going to get into the location: walk to the Witte, Brackenridge Park, the zoo, the zoo train!, the Pearl Brewery Complex, Central Market, the Terrell Hills Firehouse, Cappy's, Tong's Thai, Cachito de Mexico - you name it!
  • There are running groups, book clubs, supper clubs, a gang of skateboarding dads, something for everyone. 
  • The moms have a bi-annual clothing swap.
  • My kid loves it here. Zahra will too, but she hasn't quite caught on yet.
Here is one of those impromptu backyard playdates that saved my crazy Tuesday.

Our neighbors have a tree house

And a great backyard

Our neighbors have sturdy babies and they let us gather all of their balls together

Our neighbors share

There is something for everyone that is just their size

Zayd's dream come true

And Old Man Jessie walks us home after the playdate

Lately I have been worrying over schools (because one thing we lack is a viable education system here is San Antonio ISD) and if our house can really accomodate us and our visitors forever. I am not really sure about the answer to those questions. Those things might push us out of our house someday...but it would be with a very heavy heart. There is no community I would rather live in and I think I am the luckiest lady to know what truly having awesome neighbors can really mean to your quality of life. You probably have to live here to know what I mean...

What do YOU love about Mahncke Park?

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