Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Whole Lotta Lovey Goin On

Zayd is 100% in love with all of us. Baby, Daddy, Mommy, Nani, Nana, Uncle Jon, Nini, and now, baby monkey. We go through the list often these days. "Who do you love?" and "Who does mommy love?" Sometimes we add things like our wooden train, elephants, or random objects - a diaper, a towel, whatever.

There is just a lot of love goin around.

My favorite thing to see is how Zayd has taken to his monkey Nani bought him long before he was born. He runs around with it under his arm now, takes it to bed, and gives it a truck to play with while we play cars on the floor. Its adorable.

Well, I guess my favorite favorite is how he loves Zahra. He rocks her in the rocking chair and kisses her at least 20 times a day. She is suddenly at an age where she spends a little bit of time awake, looking around and not crying, which means Zayd gets a lot more time with her. If she is sleeping, he can't be trusted, and if she is screaming, well, he isn't the best at calming her down. But, when they are both awake, they are together. Its adorable.

And here is a throwback - from almost a year ago when I thought Zayd might take a lovey. Ha!

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