Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day one of Hawaii

After being up at four am, Ziyan crashed hard. Repeatedly. 

For our first morning in Oahu, some amazing old friends showed up at our hotel with smiles, kid-friends, carseats and leis. My lei smelled so spectacular that I cried a little. I think the pressure of the week, mixed with a long distance retreat away from real life and into the arms of a mixy/Muslim family just pushed me to my limit. Most of America (49%) may not be "my people" but my people exist and they make a nice little bubble that I can surround myself within.

If you are going to do one thing as San Antonians in Hawaii it's compare your local raspas to the best shave ice this island can offer. Off to Matsumoto's!

And after all of that sugar, we decided to hike to a waterfall in the beautiful Waimea valley. Zahra has never walked so much but sheet had inspirational friends to keep up with. 

We ended the day on the idyllic Three Tables Beach with insanely huge (dangerous!) waves and  thick white and black (lava!) sand.

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