Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Zayd's Chill Day and the art of going back and forth

As Sunday came to a close, I wearily looked over to my chickadees and told them to get their jammies on. It was then that we realized that Zayd was still in his pajamas. He been in them all day. He'd been in them through the trip out for breakfast tacos. He'd been in them when Nani and Mommy and Zahra went to get our nails done.  In them when he played Legos, during dinner, watering the backyard, and while eating as many pieces of toast and cream cheese as Nani could make for him. He had had a chill day.

Slow down for bed together so I could ask them about their favorite parts of the day is a different question that night. I asked him if he liked having such a relaxing day. And here's what he said.

"Yes. I don't like doing so many things. I like to play a little bit but then relax myself and then play a little bit and then relax myself and then play a little bit and go back and forth and back and forth like that. You always like to go go go do everything. I don't like to do everything. Sometimes I like to do nothing. But Zahra is like you. But then... He doesn't even play he just does nothing all day! Mommy, when you go go go and do everything then you're always tired. Today I was not tired. If you go back and forth you don't get so tired mommy."

I don't know how I got so lucky to have a son who tells me how to parent him with the wisdom of a grandmother. But I did.

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