Monday, November 14, 2016

A Waikiki Morning

Yesterday we flew for nine hours with three of the best behaved little travelers ever. I know I'm biased but I was so so proud of my Zs. (And I told them profusely, don't worry, mom.)

A day that started with a tiny sedan taxi to carry the five of us, our luggage, stroller, and car seats pulling up at our house at 6:40 could have completely derailed us. Especially after the taxi looked at all of us and or stuff, proclaimed we wouldn't fit, and just drove off!! But it worked out. My kids (and I! And Sam!) were awesome.

They played, they read, they watched movies, they held it together. They said please and thank you and they were still sane human beings as we piled into the taxi.

I'm sorry. The limo. We enjoyed a stretch limousine for our taxi to the hotel.

Ziyan and I were up at the pool by four a.m. but I figured that's my normal Texas schedule with an extra four hours of time change, so who's complaining!

By six, we were all raring to go. So we headed to the beach to play in the sand during sunrise. It was a wonderful family moment. One that will stick.

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