Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Finding our Grove

After seeing all of our neighbors over the past Halloween weekend I was left feeling mostly sad. As is typical, I've been going one million miles an hour for... too long. The month of October was a blur of work, visitors, PTSA, running, and the lentil, lolly, and lamb. And more work.

Seeing everyone made me just miss that I hadn't seen them in those many weeks. I'm sure the festivities were supposed to be a place to catch up and reconnect but it more felt like a giant highlighter on the disconnect. I didn't know what they were planning for Halloween and everyone's costume was a surprise. I somehow missed that one of my favorite little ladies had undergone and already recovered from surgery. I was bummed, frankly.

So, though Monday and Tuesday had skipped me by, I was determined to connect my kids and myself with some of our favorite people today. One text turned to an impromptu playdate for my kids. The big kids played in my backyard and laughed and discussed their varied kindergarten experiences while I fed the baby and calmly prepared dinner. No one watched any TV and everything was so much calmer. When the kids were back inside, sweet Lilah asked for a tea party "like we always do". Yes. Like we always do. I was moved that she hadn't noticed the crazy couple of months. Or that the months were insignificant in the face of "what we've always done". I smiled because my sweet little Mahncke moms community and I have an "always". I smiled knowing that I'm the tea party mom, because there's no other mom I'd rather be!

And, biggest news, Ziyan attended his first Mammen Tea Party.

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