Monday, November 14, 2016

The depth of my despair

Tomorrow will mark one week. I still can't believe that the country I love and the country I've served these past eleven years elected a demagogue as our next president. I cannot understand the appeal of a man who's disparaged all of America's diversity in an appeal to the subconscious bias and outright racism of (white) America. I didn't understand the tenuous position of "me" in this nation. I didn't know how little my children matter in the grand American plan half of the electorate has been hatching.* I am floored, devastated, angry.

I had, still have, no idea what America actually stands for. But I thought I did. And the fall from my ideals to discovering this new sad reality where we collectively advocate for deporting children, banning refugees, registering Muslims, and stopping and frisking young men just for being black, has been traumatic. It supersedes any notion of politics.

*There are multiple non-white/straight/Christian subgroups I could choose from when describing those cast aside through this election. I've chosen those which are me, about which I know I have a right and responsibility to speak to.

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