Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zahra is Eight Months Old (plus ten days)

You must have been thinking:

  • Isn't Zahra eight months old? (Yes.)
  • Did Tahira forget? (No.)
  • Did Tahira not take photos? (I took photos, on time.)
  • Does Tahira not realize she hasn't posted about the lolly. (Oh, I am aware.)
But the thing is that this sweet spunky little eight month old of mine still sleeps like an eight week old and I have just hit a wall where I can't deal with being so stinkin' tired. All of this means I am so busy trying to get some sleep that I haven't found the time to blog of her wonders. But now that Sam is putting her to sleep (for the third time tonight) and I *think* I won't have to go re-put-down Zayd even though Z2 woke him, I am going to squeeze this post in. 

What can Zahra do? And what is she willing to reveal...
  • Occasionally she can stand on her own. She always falls but we have had good 5 second stretches of standing.
  • She cruises all along the furniture.
  • She can easily take uninflated water balloons into her mouth and dash them about as you furiously try to snag it with your finger before she chokes to death.
  • She can (and does!) cry frantically (and possibly with joy) everytime I walk in the room from a 20 minute or longer departure. It is kind of sweet. And kind of insane. She tries to run to me everytime. She lifts up onto her knees, then one knee and one foot like she will stand and sprint at me, but then she just thrashes around.
  • She can clap! She almost has high five down. Somedays I think she has it and other days it turns out she is just using my outstretched hand to catapult herself to standing.
  • She still loves the Ants Go Marching but recently This Little Piggy and Pattycake are in the mix.
  • She still has only the two teeth but I blame her bad sleep on new teeth EVERYWEEK so those puppies should be here ANY DAY NOW. (Otherwise, why the heck doesn't she sleep!?!)
  • I will say that getting her to sleep has been easier than with Zayd as an eight month old and I have her day sleep down pretty well. But at night? She just has a lot of gas to pass and chooses to do it all at night. While crying about it. When is the last time that a burp made you cry? I just can't really sympathize at this point but I am trying.
  • She looks fat all of a sudden but still only weighs around 16 pounds according to our scale.
  • Mostly Zayd and Zahra get along very well. But he can hug with some *umph* (see below). After one hug gone bad, she will scream whenever he approaches. And we wait for another day to see some sibling love (see below).
(This is EERILY similar to Zayd's Eight Month post, by the way, and I looked at it AFTER writing!)

And here is a throwback from when Zayd was eight months old:

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  1. Loved seeing the side-by-side! Especially the books all over the floor, very cute.