Monday, August 12, 2013

Tis the Season, for Eid!!

The kiddos and I went to  Houston to celebrate Eid with our family this week and what a wonderful holiday we had. It is one of my favorite Eids that I can remember.

We woke up (early) on Eid morning to do presents. I have decided that the 3 presents at Christmas rule extends to birthday and to Eid as well.

Zayd got a garbage truck with lights and a horn and a motorized arm that he is obsessed with. He also got a book about garbage that I very much dislike (Amazon book purchase). Lastly, he got a block puzzle with farm animals. He LOVES this toy too and I can just see his brain churning to work it out.

Zahra got a book about Global Babies that I am LOVING. She seems interested as well, which is great because that isn't always the case with her. (Though lately, I see her nerdy side emerging.) She also got a box of wooden montessori inspired toys that I am loving from an awesome Etsy store called The Baby Bungalow. (And calling two toys. There is a puzzle set with a sphere, egg, and little person and matching containers. There is a silk handkite. And lastly, something called a princess (hysterical) which is a wooden stacking toy. So far the rings are just chew toys for Zahra and my mom's dog Porsche. :)

Eventually, we got dressed. OMG! Zahra had her lengha on and Zayd had a traditional Arab dress but I will have to add that photo soon.

Then we went to Uncle Moon's house to play with our new Eid toys in front of a lively audience. Nana Moon sat on the floor the whole time we were there doing puzzles and playing with trucks. My heart beams just thinking about it! What a lucky bunch of kids I have!

Zahra, generally speaking, dislikes men. My cousin Amaar was so sweet with her. He sat and "played drums" on the couch for ten minutes before she dared crack a smile at him. Then, she started playing back!

That pretty much wraps up our Eid holiday. Zayd and his cousins read Old Hat, New Hat as I repacked the toys and off we headed. Zayd was in bed by 9pm! A late night owl just like a real Desi! 

Here are a few photos from the weekend that I can't skip over!

Zayd's current "cheese" face:

Zahra playing with her Eid gifts.

We've really gotten this potty thing down. And there is no better way to potty than reading Old Hat, New Hat while wearing a "Too feathery!" hat.

Zayd is currently obsessed with "Happy Birthday". Here we are singing to him while he waits to blow out candles on his "Cake". 

His imagination is awesome lately. Every night after bath, he goes hunting for frogs in our bed and tells us about all of the crazy colors they have and whether they are sticky or slimy, stinky or sweet-smelling.

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