Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Weeks of Zayd in Photos

"Same!" I'm sure Zayd is wise beyond his years but he has figured out that things can be the same. And he loves it. We spend a lot of time identifying the sameness of things.

For the next few photos you may notice that Zayd now smiles with his right eye shut. I have no idea why. I do, however, think it is awesome.

Zayd's cowboy outfit.

Im sad to report that though his vocabulary and intellect continue to explode, his size remains constant.

One morning, a Thursday mind you, when Mom never even dreams of working, Zayd announced that he had to go to work. "Me go work. Bye Mommy, by Baby. Kiss." He got out his coffee cup, and pulled on my purse. I felt a bit offended. I sort of wanted him to say, "Me no go work because me sacrifice money (and sanity!?) to stay home with kids part time while still contributing to the family and fostering independence in the children all the while growing in professional and personal ways." No luck. Me go work. As if that's all I ever do. Ha! I sort of wanted to through myself on the floor and scream, "No Daddy, no Joe-Joe, NO WOOOORRRRRRKKKKK!" just to see what would happen. 

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