Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Cleanest Messy Play There Is!

Recently, I was talking with a good friend of mine about making slime and she commented how she would never do it because it would make a green glue mess all over the place. This post is for her. ;)

There is a blog I love that is constantly posting new creative bathtime ideas and we have recreated a few. One activity that we have done repeatedly over the past year is bathtub painting with shaving cream. It is easy to clean up, lets Zayd get some art time in, and educational.

Here are a few things we covered on our most recent bathtime painting session:

  • letters
  • shapes
  • colors and how primary colors can mix to make secondary colors
  • tracing
  • responsibility - clean up after yourself!

We exclusively wrote our favorite end of the alphabet. What is hysterical is that Zayd is OBSESSED with the letter W and its ability to become the letter M. He seems to have no interest in the letter Z for some reason. I painted the letters up there and was hoping he could trace them with his pointer finger or smaller paintbrush but he isn't quite there  yet. Someday, we will use this to help him start WRITING.

Making sure Zahra didn't eat the shaving cream was my #1 job. I would love to find an edible material that works the same way. (And makes the kids smell so manly!) I know what you are thinking, and NO, I have NO IDEA where all this baby fat came from. But isn't it adorable!?

Zayd helped Zahra wash her hair and she seemed not to mind.

I think Zahra has a hero and Zayd has found his #1 fan. What do you think?

I need to make a Zayd's Favorites post. His current favorite shapes are rhombus and octagon. He asks to see them all the time. It is the most adorable request, "Mommy, me see rhombus?" And then we look for them. Luckiest of luckies, there are 2 rhombus-shaped signs with pictures of BICYCLES on them on nearby Austin Hwy!

So, sensory learning through play that is easy to clean. Just turn on the shower head. AND your kids get clean to boot. ;)

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  1. I love that your child loves a good rhombus.