Friday, August 16, 2013

(Ad)Venturing out

Zayd, in ways similar to many two year olds, likes to do the same things over and over. We read the same three books for bedtime for a week straight. We go to either this playground, that playground, the zoo, or the museum. There is only one episode of Dinosaur Train he is willing to watch but he insists on watching it all day. (I don't let him.) But there are ways that aren't like all the other kids as well. Or at the very least, he seems to have occasionally overwhelming apprehension about all things new. As the swim instructor said , "He is just operating with a higher level of anxiety than the other kids." Wonder where he gets that!?!
Anyway, I've been focused lately on varying it up a bit. Zahra is older and we are ready for adventure. Plus, we have some whirlwind travel coming up and I need him to learn the art of adapting. Maybe I will settle for the art of coping...only time will tell.
Today I woke up early and traipsed off to work. Four hectic hours later, I was driving back home. The kids slept long enough for me to eat lunch alone and then Zahra and I had some time alone for marathon peekaboo and patty cake. I also had time to plan an adventure!
When the lentil woke, we did a quick lunch and headed out the door for San Antonio's Central Library! None of us had ever been and I thought it might be a fun new adventure. Zayd got to ride his first escalator and did an awesome job. (We won't quantify my anxiety about theoving staircase of death. I was only coping because he was the wearing laceless slip-ons.) We picked out three new books (a llama llama and two More Willems books that I am loving) and played with the cow in the kids section. We got to practice listening, not running, and patience. I will tell you that the children's area librarians definitely hate kids and might be former angry catholic school nuns but I'm happy to report that Zayd only got one "no running" warning from behind their perch/desk. (Though I'm not sure they've ever seen a two year old actually run.)
Next, we headed for the trolley stop just to take a spin around downtown and hopefully find some juice. After just a few minutes outside Zayd looked nearly faint! We ended up at the Alamo where we did manage to find not only juice but also ice cream! (Mom of the year!)
I sort of glossed over the details but I did transport two tinies and a stroller with a glider board attachment clear across downtown and made it entertaining to boot. It was a bit hard but it was fun. And new. And our very own adventure. (And I did consider how hard it would be with just one more tot in tow...)
Daddy had a work event tonight and I didn't have to share the littles with anyone. We ate Trader Joe's pizza on the couch while reading Mo Willems and just had a great evening cap to a lovely (if sweaty) afternoon.
These kids are amazing. I am already dreaming up our next scheme to ride the trolley.
From top left: 1. Zayd really likes to be near Zahra. So even though he has a nifty skateboard on the back of the stroller. He prefers to sit in her lap and she doesn't mind... 2. A very col art cow in the Central Library. Zayd loved it but screamed moo about a hundred times. 3. Checking out the ball statues. 4. Again, he's a lap sitter. 5. A modern day sword in the stone.

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