Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zayd Leads Storytime

This week we went to Toddler Story Time at the library like we do almost every Tuesday.
Normally Zaydie sort of enjoys it. He loves the songs, hates the sheer number of kids, and could care less about the books. This week was lightly attended (a miracle) and Zayd was mesmerized with the whole experience. I think being away and not seeing toddlers for a week made a difference too.
He did every dance, whereas he normally wont leave my lap. He never took his eyes off Ms Karen the songstress though two weeks ago he spent the half of the time signing "please leave" to me with those pleading eyes. He even  ventured out to meet other tots and touched them all gently on the shoulder.
Here's a photo of him towards the end of storytime; he decided to help Ms Karen lead the other kids in a song. Ha! He is Nani's grandson!

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